What does it take behind the scenes to get Helping Hands Penan bags to you?


From sending out the orders, delivering the PVC belt, collecting, tagging, pricing and (sometimes cleaning the bags and burning the 'bulu'), posting, setting up booth and presenting the bags for you to shop!

As a Non-profit NGO, we rely entirely on volunteers and network, borrow volunteers' spare maid quarters as store. As our overhead is minimal, we are able to channel our profit from the sale to fund our ongoing projects, and education sponsorship is our top priority as we have a monthly running cost to pay for students' transport and monthly allowance ranging from rm50 to rm500 per student per month.

Your purchase of our bags helps us raise the much needed fund for our Education Sponsorship, 'Operation Milk Bottle', Project Light and 'Medical and Welfare Aid'.

We owe our continuity to all the Helping Hands far and near.
THANK YOU and let us continue to link our hands for greater good.

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